CMS UNow Project

CMS UNow 2015-2016 Project Elements

CMS UNow is a school-wide art project, inspired by our #likeagirl campaign, which incorporated:

  • Photography discussion with local photographer, Bryan Heaton (8th grade)
  • OK the Snail book discussion and visit with local author, Angie Heaton, all grades
  • View:  Where are u now video, Justin Bieber
  • Jack U collaboration, Skrillex and Diplo, behind the scenes look at the creation of the video and artist collaboration
  • Digital Photography photo-shoot with backdrops, lighting, props, which generated many photos of students made by students
  • Hand altered photos: painting, drawing, collaging onto self-portrait photos
  • Green Screen technology with drawing pads / Urbana Free Library collaboration:  photo shoot generating self-portraits and group shots, students chose backgrounds to place their image into and then used digital drawing pads to alter images and add text
  • Music Video, collaboration with CMS music teacher to create original music and lyrics with ukulele accompaniment, 8th grade
  • Creation of music video in Mosaic with CMS computer science teacher and the 8th grade class
  • Videos, 7th grade computer science class
  • Zines with 6th grade computer science class:  the girls drew geometric portraits in Python. They engaged in self-reflection by writing personal narratives, and expressed the nonlinearities of life through image and text. We compiled the portraits into a zine as a space for the girls to voice their personalities
  • CMS Spring Arts Night: live performance of UNow original song by 8th grade, and presentation of self portrait photos, videos, and premier of CMS UNow music video (also available on YouTube channel: