drawing of a Navy ship and a small submarine
  • OASIS stands for Off-Axis Seamount Investigations at Siqueiros
  • The OASIS Field Investigation will take place along a chain of volcanoes located on the ocean floor south of Mexico.

Photos by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Navy research ship in the ocean
small submarine

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  • CMS teachers are working with the research team to develop curriculum-wide lesson plans related to this research. Some activities will also involve students at University Primary School. Here is a sampling of those lesson plans:

    • The entire school will visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on November 10

    • All students will read the novel The Thing About Jellyfish in their English or science classes

    • Spanish classes will learn about the Day of the Dead, an annual celebration in Mexico. (The expedition will spend several days in Manzanilla, Mexico preparing for their November 3 departure).

    • The art, quilting and stitching classes will produce ocean-related art projects .

    • This year’s spring drama production will have an ocean theme.

    • Students are using the Scientific Method to design an experiment relating to the behavior of various materials at undersea pressures. With the help of University Primary School students, they will decorate materials which will be taken to the sea floor by researchers. Upon the researchers’ return, students will analyze the results of the experiment.

    • Math and computer classes will plot some data taken during scans of the sea floor.

    • History classes will study the history of ocean exploration.

    • Science classes will explore a wide variety of topics related to this research, including: geophysics, plate tectonics, geochemistry, volcanism, bioluminescence, and ocean circulation.

map of ocean floor